Fulton Armory

More on Barrels: Krieger vs. Others

by Clint McKee

Here are a few comments on Krieger barrels vs. the rest:

#1. Krieger barrels are actually one of the least expensive gas gun barrels one can buy, when one considers round count. Our "Fulton Armory" branded barrel is a Douglas match barrel, turned by Gene Barnett, and is a very good barrel for the money, IMHO. However, while its average competitive life is around 5000 rounds, the Kriegers go at least 7500 and we have many of our Peerless rifles (we use Kriegers exclusively on our Peerless and Competition Grades) go well beyond that. At least one of our customers was still shooting 1.5 MOA through the Service Rifle course through a Peerless with 10,000 rounds & the original bedding! Consider the "price" he paid.

#2. Krieger barrels are held to less than 1 tenth from stem to stern. Every single one. Everyone gets the best barrel, everytime, when they purchase a Krieger. There is no multiple "grading" scheme, or "pot luck" with the Krieger.

#3. Krieger barrels are 2-4 times finer than the U.S.G.I. NM micro finish spec, so they clean up much faster (we here this comment all the time). While this may be a stretch, one could conclude that less cleaning damage is likely to occur, since it requires fewer rod insetions from the muzzle.

#4. The Krieger barrels we sell are timed & fully chambered (less 5-10 thous) by Krieger themselves. So, if there are any defects in the barrel, there is no question as to who made the blank, who turned it, who chambered it, etc. BTW, in over 10 years, I've never returned a barrel to Krieger for accuracy problems, and only a few for a missed chamfer operation, many years ago.

#5. Krieger is, as far as I know, the only gas gun barrel made, anywhere, that is fully machined and "made into a gas gun barrel" before it's rifled. Not even Obermeyer does this, though he could, being a cut barrel maker.

Check the FAQ re: On Barrels for more info as to why gas gun barrels are different, and why finishing the barrel exterior first is so important.

Krieger barrels are very expensive to purchase up front. I am only too well aware of this :( Many builders do not like to use Kriegers, as they do significantly increase the final cost of the rifle. Keep this in mind when "pricing" rifles or rifle work. You know, apples & apples!

Clint McKee