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A Message from the Creator and WebMaster Emeritus of the M1 Garand Information Place, Thomas E. Armstrong:

"My principal interests, beyond firearms in general, are centered around the M1 Garand. I have tried to concentrate as much information about the M1 Garand as I could find on the World Wide Web, from my personal library and experience in general. I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, nor am I a "collector" of M1's. Just another M1 Garand owner and weekend shooter who likes to talk about firearms.

"As a Vietnam veteran I am more familiar with the M-16 than the M1 Garand in a combat setting, but I have always had a special interest in the weapons and history of World War II. If you have a question about the M1 Garand e-mail Walt Kuleck and we'll see what we can come up with - no guarantees we can answer all technical questions and will have to at times forward your mail to someone we feel can supply your answers, but we will give it our best shot - no pun intended."

A Message from Clint McKee:

"We at Fulton Armory are proud and honored to have been handed the baton for the M1 Garand Information Place. Thomas Armstrong and his friends have created a wonderful resource center for all things Garand. We will do our best to continue his work as a service to all who love John Cantius Garand's greatest gift to his adopted country: the U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1--The Garand!

"We dedicate this site in honor of Thomas' father, SFC Thomas E. Armstrong, US Army, Ret."

-- Clint McKee, President, Fulton Armory


We assume no liability for any attempts at weapons enhancements or modifications described in the How-To section of this web site, nor for any modifications made to one's firearms as a result of any information displayed at this web site. We strongly recommend that unless you have a machinist-type background, are very mechanically enclined, an armorer, an expert on the M1 Garand or have the help of a qualified gunsmith that you seek advice before attempting to modify your M1. Incorrect repairs and maintenance or poorly done "fine-tuning" can result in damage to your weapon, serious injury to you or others and even death.


Now that that's over we hope you enjoy the M1 Garand Information Place.

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The above picture of a G.I. standing guard is Pfc Angelo B. Reina, 391st Inf. Regt., guarding a lonely beach position at Kahuku, Oahu, Rosenberg, Hawaii, March 1945. This image originally was a part of a much larger picture. This picture and other WWII "stills" can be found at the nara.gov website

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Remember Murphy's Law of Combat?

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