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Here is a very nice picture of Codington County's Vietnam Memorial in Watertown, South Dakota - Tom Armstrong's home town.

M1 Garand

HeadstampThe M1 Garand Field Manual, FM 23-5.- Department of the Army Field Manual (May 1965) detailing Mechanical Training, Operations and Functioning, Stoppages and Immediate Action, Maintenance, & Ammunition.

HeadstampTM 9-1275, Ordnance Maintenance - U.S. Rifles, Cal. .30, M1, M1C (Sniper's) and M1D (Sniper's)- War Department Technical Manual (June 1947). Contains detailed instructions for inspection, disassembly, assembly, maintenance and repair of the U.S. rifle, cal. .30, M1, M1C, and M1D.

HeadstampThe M1 Garand and M1 Carbine Collector's Page- The purpose of this page is simple: it presents information on two vintage rifles, the U.S. Rifle Caliber .30 M1 (the M1 Garand) and the U.S. Carbine Caliber .30 M1 (the M1 Carbine). Both of these weapons were used extensively in World War II and beyond.

HeadstampRifle, US M-1 .30 Caliber Semi-Automatic Garand- Ed Clancy's Garand web site.

HeadstampM1 Rifle "Garand" Web Page- Background Information on the UNITED STATES RIFLE CALIBER .30 M 1.

HeadstampShooter's Report Feature- Semi-auto Tune-Up: How To Enhance Reliability and Accuracy. Info on fine-tuning the AR-15 and M1 Garand.

HeadstampThe Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Home Page- Purchase procedures for service grade M1 Garand Rifles.

Headstamprec.guns FAQ: III, Firearms Information By Type.- Contains some good info on the M1 Garand, as well as other self-loading rifles. Taken from the UseNet newsgroup "rec.guns".

General Firearms Information Sites


Black Mesa Rifle Company - Out of the Black Mesa comes an honest long range, big game rifle. These rifles have adequate power and accuracy at 1,000 yds. Based on a rimless 404 Jeffery, has rebated rim same as 375 H&H to facilitate standard long magnum action .338 and .375 Black Mesa Express. These rifles are made on either Remington Model 700 or Winchester Model 70's. Fitted with 28" long premium Douglas barrels with porting and bedding. Standard Barrel length varies as the are "cut tuned" for accuracy and a glare reducing hunter finish. Stocks are French Walnut, with real ebony forearm tip,100% filled oil finish, crossbolts, Fisher pistol grip caps, Pachmayr Decelerator pad, and sling swivels.

The Gun Guy's Page - No Glitz; just guns. A great all round firearms web site. Lots of links to gun and hunting information on the web, links to US Navy and Diesel Submarine sites, and a listing of US shooting facilities.

Rich's Firearms Page- This site was featured in the Summer 1997 issue of Sports Afield magazine. Alot of information pertaining to all aspects of firearms information, reloading, shooting events. A well laid out site and worth the visit.

SNIPER Country- One Shot One Kill. Dedicated to the fine art of the sniper. Very well done web site with alot of current as well as historical information on the art of the Sniper and the tools of the trade.

rec.guns FAQ Home Page- The Most Complete Gun Resource on the Net. This should be familiar to those who frequent UseNet newsgroups.

MILITARIA.COM- A Place for Military Collectors and Military Historians. Home of the G.I.Journal, with info on some of the best Military Magazines, Books and Collectables around. Outfitters & Tactical Supply.

Research Page for Collectors of Lee-Enfield Rifles- This set of webpages was created by Enfield Research Associates for collectors, shooters, and fans of the venerable Lee-Enfield rifle, a rifle which--in its various forms--saw duty for over 100 years as a main battle rifle, a home guard and constabulary weapon, a competition target rifle, and a major game-getter on five continents.

The Gun Page- The Gun Page is an Internet stop-over maintained by a group of volunteers. It is 'housed' on Prairienet - the Free-Net Community Network of East-Central Illinois.

Frugal Squirrel's Homepage- for Patriots, Survivalists, and Gun Owners.

Gunsmoke Engineering- Specializes in building match accuracy Ruger 10/22 carbines using parts from such noted sources as Clarks, Shilene, McMillan and Volquartsen. General firearms repair and maintenance, private party and interstate transfers, and new firearms sales are also available through federal, state and locally liscensed services.

United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA)

Welcome To Taurus Firearms

Welcome to Springfield Interactive- Springfield Armory has grown to become recognized as the world's foremost manufacturer of firearms. We are dedicated to the concept that Quality Speaks For Itself.

Sturm, Ruger & Company- Arms Makers for Responsible Sportsmen. Their reputation speaks for itself. I've owned several Ruger firearms and have never been disappointed.

Camo Bar

E-Zines, catalogs and Misc. Stuff

- U.S. Cavalry's Home Page- Online catalog - Worlds finest military and adventure equipment.

- Lancer Militaria is your source for hard-to-find military books, music, insignia and military collectibles. Since 1977 we've specialized in the modern military era (WW2 to present) with a heavy emphasis on elite units such as Special Forces, US Navy SEALs, SAS, GSG-9, French Foreign Legion, and snipers.

-American Firearms Industry Home Page.- AFI Magazine. We feature info and photos on guns, rifles, knives, hunting, archery and outdoor sports, including revolvers, pistols, handgun ammo, reloading, rifles, shotguns, scopes, airguns, archery products, knives and cutlery, hunting products, self-defense items, gun control statistics, police products, security products, assault rifle statistics, police statistics, crime statistics (including homicide), firearm production statistics, and crime issue resource references.

-Gun Web Magazine Cover Page

-Precison Shooting Magazine.- Precision Shooting is the leading magazine dedicated "exclusively to extreme rifle accuracy". Their website contains numerous feature articles.

- COMBAT!- My all time favorite W.W.II TV show.

- Department of Veteran's Affairs Home Page- IMPORTANT NOTICE TO VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES!!!! - "To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and his orphan." President Abraham Lincoln. (Nice sentiment, but keep a VERY close eye on VA benefits and which ones are being cut and which group of veterans this will affect.)

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