How-To Guides for the M1 Garand

TM 9-1275 - (JUNE 1947) War Department Technical Manual - Ordnance Maintenance U.S. Rifles, Cal. .30, M1, M1C (Sniper's), and M1D (Sniper's).

FM 23-5 - (MAY 1965) U.S. Army Field Manual for the U.S. Rifle, Cal. .30, M1

How to adjust the Model 1907 Sling

The use of the Model 1907 Sling. By Walt Kuleck.

How to install and zero the M-15 Grenade Launcher Sight

Detailed photo of Grenade Launcher Sight

Exploded diagram of the M1 Garand (large graphic)

What to look for in an M1 Garand - by Robert Gibson. The article is located at the rec.guns web site. This information is covered in FM 23-5 and TM9-1275 but not in such a concise all-in-one-page arrangement.

From the Fulton Armory FAQ:

Resource materials for the M1 Garand.- Where to get the best in books, Field Manuals, Technical Manuals and other how-to periodicals for your M1. Lots of very informative publications available both on the web and thru mail order.

Firearms services.- U.S. and foreign military gun parts, accessories, ammunition and firearms services - everything one would need for the military firearms shooter and collectors.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) - (Formerly DCM) The law authorizes the Corporation to continue to sell M1 Garand rifles and gives further authority to sell any surplus caliber .30 (excluding the M14 rifle) as well as caliber .22 rimfire rifles. These sales may be to individuals or clubs and associations which are affiliated with the CMP. The Corporation is also authorized to sell surplus caliber .30 and caliber .22 rimfire ammunition to qualified individuals and affiliated organizations. Additionally, the Corporation may sell repair parts for all surplus caliber .30 rifles and caliber .22 rimfire rifles.

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